Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blimey, I have't posted in awhile. -_-

Well ello there! Haven't blogged in ages have I? Sorry about that. Well, most of you wont even notice because I just deleted that first post. But anyway, not much has happened with me lately except for my big change of having a lot of friends and A LOT of drama. Who knew that awesome people would have so much of that awful stuff? I sure didn't. But anyway lets get on the positives in my life, shall we? I've made up a resolution to focus only on school that way I don't have to worry about boys and their boy cooties. Just kidding, but their drama and breaking my heart. Also, another part of the resolution is to be me, myself, and I. I don't need to be some other person to get people to like me, I have good friends, and they'll stay with me even when I express myself more and more. Thank god that I came to that conclusion, eh?

Also another good thing that has happened since that post from months ago, I fell in love with a TV show. A Brit TV show. You guessed it, Doctor friggen Who! Blimey, that is a good show. Gonna miss my doctor AKA David Tennant but Matt Smith should be pretty good... I hope. If you have no clue whom I'm speaking of then go google them. But do David Tennant first because he's the sexiest man on the planet. Let's move on to a more realistic thing in my life though, like me meeting my first EVER best, best friend. That lovely lady's name would be Jandy. She came from Thailand a year ago, and since we've been in the same classes this year, I've gotten to know her. Just that one day in science when our lives were both sucking and she decided to just open up and tell me something she had never told anyone was the day we knew we'd be best friends. Blimey, that sounds sappy. Anyway, we've been friends for about, what like 5 months now? Time has flown by, that is for sure. I feel like I've known her for ages. When I was in a 2 month depression, I don't know what I would have done without her. I'd probably be in that depression still to this day. That's a scary thought. Oh, and I still have my other best friend Valerie. She is the BOMB! I love her. She's like my little sister that I never had. Oh, one more thought crossed my mind, and then I'll stop blogging about myself. I became a vegetarian about 5 months ago! Vegetarian anniversary comes up on the 11th. I don't think I could have ever made it if I hadn't of seen that documentary "Meet Your Meat". I watched the first 5 minutes, and I started balling my eyes out. I couldn't even finish it. I still think about eating meat, because you know, the taste is excellent, but then I remember, "Sam, you'd be eating a bloody ANIMAL! You'd be like, a killer" so then I stop the urge to eat whatever it is. But I will admit, I eat tuna fish because my mum freaks out if I don't. Funny enough, we just had a conversation about fish and the whole hook killing and depriving them of air when catching with a net so I don't think I'll be eating that anymore either... Back to a all-Tombstone Pizza diet I suppose? Yum.

But anyway, I want to know, what's going on in your lives? Anything exciting? Any plans for that dreaded holiday coming up? Or is there just anything you want to share with me?

Love your UK lover trapped in America,
Samantha AKA Sommy-Zombie.

Have you heard of "The Wombats"? They're amazing. Been listening to their album all day, and when I was writing this. Check it out, it's titled, "A Guide to Love, Loss and Desperation". Bloody brilliant.

"I hope that no one ever leaves, 'cause I don't wanna be alone with me. Not with the things that run up and down this infant spine. Here comes the love anxiety, can't let it grab a hold of me, not like the last time." Here Comes the Anxiety by The Wombats.