Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Six Hour Challenge

Hello there everyone. To start of today's post, it's probably best to start from the beginning. I won't give you my drama or anything. For once, this could be a relatively good story. So, today was the Valentines Day Dance. I was actually apart of setting it up which is weird cause I'm never apart of that stuff. I'm going to skip over during the dance for the mean time since there was a lot of drama for me at least. But when Jandy and I got to my house and were taking pictures our friend, Zak, instant messaged us. Basically, after awhile of talking we were challenged to staying up till 5AM. Unfortunately, we were woken up at 5AM the previous day. Right now we have one and a half hours left. We have made one video to prove we were up earlier and now have been keeping in touch with his mom. At our half point, 3AM, his mom instant messaged me saying he was watching the movie I lent him but he was still awake. We're exhausted, and Jandy is on the phone to her aunt talking in Thai right now... Makes me sleepy. I don't think all the hot chocolate in the world could save me from sleepiness but it sure can try. "You go glen coco!"

Love the UK lover trapped in the U.S.A,
Samantha AKA Sommy-Zombie