Friday, March 26, 2010


Isn't it a beautiful process? Taking the shattered and broken pieces of either your brain, heart, soul, or whatever was abused and piecing it together again. You can do that with or without someone, or with some other substance like the monster. I wouldn't choose the monster however, for he will stab you in the back and bring you down harder, crumbling the pieces that remain till they're dust and you are nothing. But the beauty in the healing is that you're fixing the pieces that somebody else created, but without them. You get to rebuild it all and feel as if you are one once again. No more crying, no more dying, no more tearing yourself
apart. Tears and violence are saved for the next going, but for this moment in time you feel great yet again...

I am one of those who help heal
I, myself, am starting the healing process,
and I feel so much better.