Sunday, March 28, 2010

Was today really necessary?

I was so excited, I thought today would be just as great as yesterday but like usual, I was wrong. Woke up in the morning, messed with my hair, and said to myself, "Today will be a fantastic day." Little did I know that nothing eventful would actually happen. I'd only talk to basically one friend, yawn a lot, and have a headache. Where does that spell out fantastic? This is why I find myself asking "Was today really even necessary?"

Onto maybe a more interesting topic, I'd love to share with you about what went down yesterday. I woke up super early and got ready because that lovely lady Jandy was coming over. We had a good time, spent awhile on Blogtv with another of my best friends, Courtney, and got to dance to the cupid shuffle. Her brother also helped dance and bring in viewers. Boy has he grown up. During that time, another of my best friends Kyle was instant messaging us. I offered him like a third of a plain doughnut but ended up giving it to my dog for I could not send it to England, obviously.

Jandy and I got to go on a walk and once ending up at our destination we realized we weren't dressed properly. The sun was out and we needed a whole summer look because it rarely is warm in Washington. So we walked home and changed completely but once stepping foot outside again, we both agreed we were too cold. Not wanting to change yet again, we just kept our outfits and went anyway. She ended up spinning me on the tire swing for nearly a hour while I sang to her and we got chased out of an area we were lying in by a bee. That evil flying thing of death ended up chasing us back up to the park. 

When we got home I taught her how to make a pizza and we pretty much failed at that and ended up eating only a piece each and decided to cam with Kyle. He showed us a bunch of his masks, and freaked Jandy out a lot. She swore she was going to have nightmares. When it was time for her to go change, I was stalling her and Kyle and I pretty much ended up making her late for her mom to pick her up. When going to help her with the phone, I walked in on her on the toilet and we both screamed. I sat back at the computer traumatized and she screamed to me, "You're cool Sam, you're cool." After a long goodbye, she finally left and I kind of just sat there at the computer, listening to The Script, and looking at Kyle's floor because he decided his floor was a better view than himself. We talked for awhile and then he needed sleep so he left. I went to bed after helping farm my friend farm on Farmville and was totally excited for today. Told myself over and over it would be awesome, but it was just boring...

But what can you do?
Maybe tomorrow will be better.