Monday, June 21, 2010

Psychology & Trust

Haven't written in a bit, what a shame. Well just a little update, I'm out of school now, officially a 9th grader. Terrifies me to be honest. My friend had a graduation party at a hotel the day we got out and it was a lot of fun, I don't even think my high school graduation will be that fun. But I'm going to miss my Middle School and all I've accomplished through this really difficult, drama-filled year. Now, about what I was going to write about today, I was going to write about psychology, the way people think and accept, etc.


 All these thoughts came to mind after finishing watching the TV show, Mental, which just for the record is a really good show and had no reason to get canceled. But after watching this for the past couple days I started thinking, and lets start off with who I think is easier to trust and like, male or female. I think men are easier to trust and are more likable if they are nice and kind to you. So many men are jerks that I think when you meet one that isn't, that you end up developing a better bond with them rather than a woman. Don't get me wrong, women are really easily likable and probably are better in this sense overall, but I think when it comes to psychology you need to develop that knit bond with the patient, and maybe, just maybe, that it's easier if it's a dude. If this is true, my future job profession choice really sucks due to my gender.

Secondly, I just find psychology fascinating. Maybe it's in my blood since a lot of my family is into it, or maybe it's because I'm good at understanding people, but whatever has spiked my interest can't seem to stop. I'm pretty sure this is what I want to do in life, that I want to risk everything in order to give people what they need to feel secure and calm and maybe just give them someone to listen to. I know it's an interesting field to go into, and not a lot of people do, but I think that it needs someone like me. Someone that will be willing to break the textbook observations, cures, and processing just so the patient will be happy again. I'll be willing to listen and put them before myself, at least this is the plan. Maybe one day this will all be true, and people who have no one and don't know what to do will find calmness and serenity in me, but you never know. I could turn out to be just like every other psychologist or psychiatrist out there... But right now I think it's on to learning and then on to helping.