Friday, June 11, 2010

Wonderful, Oblivious You.

You know how everyone has that one person that makes them happy unconditionally? Well, for me, there's just this one guy that no matter how long I talk to him, or when, or what mood I'm in he completely brightens my day. I've really liked him for awhile now, and it never goes away. We've been friends for nearly a year, and he hasn't even noticed me other than a best friend. I'm always there for him, always supporting him, dropping hints but not obvious enough for him to get it without actually having to look into it and care.
For instance, he instant messaged me awhile ago, and told me he wanted a girl friend. He started telling me this story of how he talked to this one girl and accidentally got his words all messed and she just walked away. Honestly, I find that quite adorable, so I was telling him that to not worry and that it's fine and he asked if I thought it was cute or idiotic. Of course I said cute, but he won't look anything into it... I also told him this story of how I told this one guy I never knew and my first words to him were "Wow, you're eyes are like really pretty" and how he got up and left, with him replying saying like "Aww bless" and just being his normal self. I told him to not give up, when I really wanted to say was to look behind you. Look at who's been your backbone for awhile, and who appreciates you... But I'm countries away, and he's not into that. Though after tomorrow, I'll get over it, yet again until something happens again till everything kinda floods back. But what can you do? It's not like you can fight your heart or anything.


Hearts by Alex Day

"I’m not that good at writing but I thought you should know, every song’s about you ‘cos you’re everywhere I go.
If all we do is hold hands and laugh at stuff on TV, that’ll still be a real good day for me.
There’s people out there in the world like us who have chemistry, and the common sense to act on it.
But who needs simplicity in this candid game of hearts?
We’ll just keep dancing ’till we tear ourselves apart