Friday, May 21, 2010

Always Losing [A Poem by Me]

Always Losing

I don't know where it went,
All the fun and the games.
But now all I can see,
Is the loss and the pain.
Everything good must come to an end,
But I think this is beyond a possible mend.

Why must everything above,
Be destined to fall?
And why do we care,
If we just lose it all?
Without the depression,
We wouldn't know the joys.
Wouldn't it be easier,
To be an emotionless toy?

I'm tired of losing,
All that I worked for.
I'm tired of being stomped on,
Why not bring on some more?
You're breaking me already,
It won't make a difference.
But if you want to continue,

Please increase your speed of swiftness.